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Expansion method

Expansion Method Single Session Online

You can expand on a particular theme or question in a single session or in a sequence of sessions. At the beginning of the session or already in advance as part of your request or to book an appointment, you ask your topic/question that you would like to expand on in the session to gain new insights, impulses, ideas or even to transform deep-seated issues. This may involve emotional, mental, psycho-somatic treatment, spiritual development, or some other challenge or development of potential in life. Depending on the topic and intention, I will then select an appropriate expansion method.

Various techniques

The expansion method includes several techniques - each developed for a specific and different purpose. I guide you through the expansion process. You are fully conscious the whole time and you will create the process out of you. The expansion method is about you being the expert on your life. That you come into your true self-authority and can practically apply the insights from the process to your real life.

Expanded awareness

I am like a midwife in the process, opening the space, holding and guiding you through the process. Through the clearly structured process of the expansion techniques, you will enter higher states of consciousness. The answers arise from this state, from your inner being, from the connection and connection with (d)a wise, wide space. A space beyond our limits of mind and our imprints and patterns (our autopilot). From this expanded level of consciousness, you can see challenges more clearly and make significant progress toward their resolution.

Sustainable transformation

As a coach I support you to stabilize yourself in these fields of consciousness and to connect with the sources of wisdom, love and liberation. These conditions have always been present in you. They are your natural, true state of being. The expansion method helps you to remember this or to (re)open the access to it. As the process deepens, with the help of questions and practical guidance, you will deconstruct patterns and trauma, allowing for spiritual and lasting transformation.

Direct experience

The expansion anchors insights, brings clarity and awareness through direct experience. You will receive a recorded transcription or recording of your session. Since everything that has happened is your own words, the process of internalization and transformation becomes faster - it is easier for us to accept a truth as it has been revealed within than to hear it from an external authority.

Holistic process
The expansion method is a holistic process that includes all levels - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Thus, it affects our overall system and initiates changes in our lives. By discovering these layers of presence, power and healing within you, you establish more and more self-responsibility and self-determination. Self-development, abundance, wisdom and love. You then act and live from a deep space of connection.
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The founder of the expansion method is Shai Tubali

Examples of expansion methods

These can be expansions in the area of the emotional or mental-spiritual field, for example to direct soul topics or also from your practical life, for example to the topic of professional development, potential development, relationship topics, life dream, trauma etc.

There are also expansion methods that are very much concerned with our mind and expansion thus takes us into a realm of inner wisdom. For inner wisdom must arise somewhere deep within ourselves. When we understand these sources, we can more consciously get in touch with our hidden inner guru. You can discover, experience and learn a lot of new things in this expanded state of consciousness and through the inner dialogue. These expansion methods are suitable for example when you have important questions in your life, are facing decisions, experience blockages in your healing and development path, when you want to live your life from and with an awakened, young and inspired mind ~ because the young mind is unencumbered by past, reaction, arrogance, knowledge, judgments and interpretation….

The techniques often affect the subconscious – in the spiritual field of expansion we have the chance to penetrate, feel, let be there and thus transform the deeper layers through an expansion of consciousness.

Here you can find an overview and examples of the various expansion methods:

Procedure of the online session: At the beginning of the session we clarify your specific concern or question. Then I guide you through your process with the appropriate expansion method. You will be fully conscious throughout the process and give yourself your answers. The session lasts about 1 ½ to 2 hours per ZOOM. I will send you the ZOOM link. If necessary, we can clarify your concerns in a preliminary conversation and then follow up with a session appointment by appointment.

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