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Meditate and regenerate in the sound…

The gong bath is a journey into silence and at the same time into the diversity of sound and vibration. Embark on a meditative, musical journey with a gong bath. A gong bath takes you deep into the present moment and to your inner self – beyond the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The sound of the gong can help reduce stress, it also releases emotional, mental or physical blockages. Through a gong bath, your self-healing powers can be effortlessly activated. The sound effect of the gong can help harmonize interference fields and restore the natural balance. When the rich and spherical sounds penetrate our body, they set the cells in vibration and are perceptible not only acoustically but also physically.

The tones and vibrations help many people to free themselves from the burdening flood of thoughts and to regain a strong basic trust in life. In doing so, the piercing sounds can open us up to transformation and awaken our creative potential. In connection with the soothing sound effect of a gong, we can be completely with ourselves and find inner peace and security.

It works quite simply. The only prerequisite is that you get involved: You lie down on a comfortable mat, close your eyes and let the beautiful and unique gong sounds take effect on you. In this way, you will gradually immerse yourself in a space of mental silence and inspiration, a world of sound and vibration that allows deep relaxation on an emotional, mental and physical level and perhaps gives you a completely new and unexpected access to yourself – and can bring you into contact with your primal sound.

Let the gong raise your vibration!

The quality of ONG
In the word GONG is contained the sound and power, quality of ONG. ONG is the creative energy of the entire cosmos and the consciousness of the Creator as experienced in this creation. It involves energy and movement. ONG causes participation without attachment. ONG generates Shakti, the generating force of all life.
Healing harmonics & vibrations

The gong, as a powerful sound generator and instrument of self-empowerment, brings a wealth of sounds, healing overtones and vibrations that work in the physical body and also in the aura. The different vibrations and frequencies synchronize the physical with the etheric, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual bodies and purify all these levels.
They release layers of burdensome and blocking memories from the past and our imprints that prevent connection to the Higher Self.

Gong bath procedure

A gong bath, where you don't have to do anything but sit or lie, listen, surrender, can be an overwhelming experience. You can connect with the Original Source, arrive at yourself, enter a field where there is no RIGHT or WRONG, there is nothing to do but be fully in the moment.

Body & Breathing Exercises

You start with light body and breathing exercises which, as in yoga, are performed very consciously in order to arrive completely at yourself and at the place of the event. Through this coming to rest you are best prepared for the effect of the gong...

Comfortable position

...then lie down on your back in Shavasana - or any other position that is comfortable for you - and cover yourself up. Here, too, it is important to experience lying down consciously and to relax...

Experience sound

...then the gong is swung softly, so that a carpet of sound can spread very gently from the gong throughout the room. Meanwhile, you can surrender to the vibrations of the gong, immersing yourself completely in your own world and experience.

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Feel the healing energy of the gong

The sound waves of the gong are so strong that you can feel them all over your body. The sound, the vibration and its vibration are perceived not only through the ears, they also penetrate through the skin into the cells and into the bones. In a gong bath, the sense of hearing and touch are simultaneously addressed and synchronized with each other, from which part of the liberating effect results.

Through the gong feeling a deep letting go takes place and allows to arrive completely in the here and now. The sound of the gong is not predictable, it does not serve a pattern and produces its own creative and versatile tapestry of sound that works on the body and cellular level in depth. The mind has no resistance to these sound waves and cannot make a classification. The energetic cleansing, as well as the deep relaxation or the cellular regeneration run optimally when the rational mind i.e. the personality self is suspended. This is the case in a gong bath. This process begins in the alpha brainwave range, accelerates at theta, and reaches its maximum in the deep delta state.

Gong sound baths are a meditation technique that is thousands of years old. The sound of the gong helps you be fully in the moment and silence your Monkey Mind – or at least drown it out. Thus, a new, original experience is created. The gong opens you in a very natural and gentle way to get in touch with deep and unconscious issues as well as energy blockages. The gong never adds anything new, but can only serve as a trigger to bring to light things that were previously dormant within us.

“The Great Theme of the Gong is Letting Go”.

Embark on a journey

A gong bath is a journey from the Personality Self to the Higher Self and back. On the gong journeys one can free oneself from burdening impressions from the past, from entanglements, from illusions and fears.

Since the energetic vibration of the Higher Self is much higher than that of the Personality Self, it is also possible to dissolve conflicts, burdens and entanglements, to dissolve them in the sea of sound.

A profound gong experience provides a great opportunity to rethink and is a wonderful reminder of the holistically healthy and natural state. Effectively clearing the energy body often creates a new look at what is currently bothering you and how best to deal with it. Something inside you opens up and begins to unfold.

Effect of the gong bath

The gong bath is used for relaxation. Tensions should be released. The frequencies of the gong and its sound waves bring the participants back to their origin. You experience your own original sound again. This effect creates a deep sense of security and safety. It is like a kind of rebirth. The mind is turned off, the body surrenders completely to the experience of the gongs.

State of trance

A state of trance is created via the gong, brain waves slow down, awareness of oneself fades, a deep letting go and letting in occurs. Here the gong can break through fears, release old patterns, bring out and confront what has long been swept under the carpet and repressed from the old days. The gong bath is like a meditation and gives a new experience and insight every time.

Cleaning and grounding

The gong sounds have a remarkable connecting effect to the Higher Self, at the same time the physical effect is so deep that the participants are grounded at the end of a gong bath and the contact to their own body and the body consciousness are more strongly perceived. The body experience and sensuality of the gong experience supports the feeling of grounding. A gong experience is equally cleansing and grounding.

Healthy rooting

The healthy rooting with the element earth brings calmness and concentration. Moments when we are grounded become spiritual moments and vice versa. This is also something that many people are looking for. Good grounding is a basic attitude in life. It means a primordial trust to life and a beneficial exchange of energy with the physical environment and thus has an elementary importance. It helps to deal with pressure of expectations and stress and should be the basis for our everyday life, every spiritual practice and development.

At peace with yourself

When emerging from a gong bath, when the sounds and the silence become one, moments of deep connection and bonding happen. Being at peace with oneself and others can be an experience. Many people feel more energetic and more "at home in their own bodies". The feeling of lightness that arises, combined with a special clarity, greatly benefits the development of new possibilities.

Neutralize blockages

Great purity manifests itself in the playing of the gong, which is transmitted to the nervous system of the participants. This purity is important in order to be able to act on the vibrations of the energetic blockages and neutralize them. As a yoga teacher and gong player, I am only a channel that takes in the information and vibrations of the participants and releases them in the opposite direction.

The sound of all origins

In yogic teachings, it is said that the universe is created from sound and everything is reflected in frequencies. Beyond everything physical, creation began with a vibration. The Christian Bible says, "In the beginning was the Word." In yoga teachings, this is "Naad", the sound. Scientists call it "cosmic rays" - the constant sound left over from the Big Bang.

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