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Munay Ki

“The Way of the Heart”: Initiation into the Sacred Munay-Ki Rites

The power of pure and unconditional love: Inca prophecies told of the new people appearing on earth and living free from fear in their powerful, angelic nature. The sacred rites of the Munay-Ki support this process.

The initiations of the Munay-Ki rites have been transmitted from shaman to shaman for 1000s of years among the Q`ero (descendants of the Inca). They serve the spiritual growth of every human being, the so-called light body process. During the initiation, seeds are transferred into the energy field of the person. Munay-Ki means consciously choosing the power of love in thoughts, feelings, words and actions and living it in everyday life.

Homo Luminos

Munay Ki is an energetic transmission of nine rites that contribute to the spiritual development of an individual, it is the path from Homo sapiens to Homo luminos. As Homo luminos also called 'light man' you live in harmony with yourself and the world. This powerful Inca healing force is enabling more and more people to walk their own path of harmony and connection in this time of change, and to inspire and initiate others as well.

Times of change

The wise elders of the Q'ero shamans decided a short time ago to make these rites of the Inca tradition possible for all people. Knowing well that now the time of change has dawned and our earth is transforming into a new consciousness. The Munay Ki rites can effectively support this process - from the being of every human being.

Love & Energy

Munay means love, and Ki means energy. These sacred initiations are given as seeds into your energy field so that you can make them blossom through your being and work on earth.

Heart energy
The initiation into the wisdom of Munay-Ki will strengthen your intuition and connection with your soul and free you from old wounds, entanglements, beliefs, blocking energies. Thus, you live out of your inherent wisdom, in connection and harmony with the forces of nature, Mother Earth and the creative power. You open yourself to your potential and live for and work from this heart energy.
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The Munai-Ki initiation consists of various rites:

With each rite, certain forces and energies within us are (re)connected and opened. It is like a code that is activated. After that, healing and transformation begins immediately on all levels of the human being, energetically, psychically, spiritually, in the subconscious as well as on the physical level. You can unfold into who and what you truly are and let your full potential shine.

For whom is initiation into the rituals suitable?

We live in a time of upheaval. – Many people feel that human consciousness is evolving. Individual concerns are no longer the focus in isolation. We feel responsible for the world in which we live and consciously want to help shape and protect it. We feel that we are connected to all of creation. Our own happiness can only express itself when we create a harmonious healthy world both within us and around us. The initiation into the Munay Ki Rites is suitable for all people who are aware of it, who want to develop spiritually, open their hearts and participate directly in this wonderful paradigm shift.

The energy compensation for the initiation into the basic rites (1st-4th) is 200 €. The energy compensation for all 9 initiations is 450 €.

With deep gratitude I pass on these initiations. It touches me when people draw from the deep power of love and this flows through their being into their work, actions and communication. Munay Ki can and should be passed on afterwards so that as many people as possible can grow the light seeds within themselves.

Munay from heart to heart!

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