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Approach & Philosophy
I have been learning and teaching in the field of education, trauma, yoga and healing work for over 20 YEARS. I am a social education worker, healer & Kundalini Yoga teacher. For many years I have been organizing various seminars, workshops, courses and healing sessions in Europe and Africa. For me, the human being and the encounter from person to person as well as spirituality have always been in the foreground in my life, that is what has fascinated, inspired and guided me in my life.

So, at the age of 19, I went to Eritrea as an English teacher on a one-year volunteer program ~ with the intention of getting closer to myself ~ my true self again and to experience or share real encounters with people and life. This year was one of the most profoundly formative years of my life. Since then, values like sustainability, "simplicity", gratitude, appreciation, inclusion, respect for life and creation ~ have become an integral part of my being.
My vocation

These values are deeply embedded in my learning and teaching. My talent lies in designing and conducting training courses in the field of personal development and on real-life topics such as trauma, inclusion and communication on a practical and tangible level. Many of the selected training methods are based on participative approaches and are inspired by my own experiences and insights.

In 2019, I linked my professional path with the spiritual level more strongly and found my calling through it. I have trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and have received initiations and advanced training in traditional healing techniques such as Reiki, Munay-Ki and the Expansion Technique.

Unity of heart and mind

I believe in the power of a sacred plane, because on my path I have experienced again and again that I am protected, accompanied and guided. At the core, I feel that life is guided by something greater. In it I can let go. I am convinced that every person has the power to heal himself and to draw and live from his own strength.

For this self-healing path it is important to arrive fully in one's own heart again. Therefore, I have also chosen the name SatYam for my yoga and healing work ~ or received in a meditation. SatYam = the wisdom/truth of the heart, where mind and heart form one unit or where the mind serves the heart.

Recognize, activate, strengthen

My Kundalini Yoga classes and workshops as well as my healing work focus on activating and strengthening one's own heart and thus one's own self-healing powers and recognizing who we are at our core: the indescribable Sat Nam. A spiritual being who has chosen to incarnate on earth in order to experience the magic of this planet, to learn from the earth, to deeply and truly feel, experience and expand all living things and, through them, one's own soul essence.

Kundalini Yoga and the subtle healing techniques have the power and wisdom to truly empower you and manifest your being in the world with ease and joy. I look forward to meeting you and bringing your concerns, open questions, insecurities, trauma, blockages, wishes, etc. into your consciousness through SatYam and on the path to transformation. Sat Nam ~ Guru Ratan Kaur*

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