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Training YOGA Teacher*in/

– 200 h in theory and practice with certificate
– Discover your true potential!
– Are you ready for yourself?

Journey into Awakening

A journey with – and to – your soul essence. Probably the most important journey you can take in your life does not lead to a place outside of you, but into your deepest and purest BEING. Carried, held, nourished and loved – by Mother Earth and Father Sky. In between, you are – set out to refine, develop, experience, share and transform old patterns and karma in this lifetime of your soul wisdom.

Kundalini Awakening training is strongly focused on self-awareness, as it is through this approach that we can learn, reflect and transform the most about ourselves. The training group is an important building block that will hold you and give you space and security for your growth and awakening process. Are you ready for the call of your soul? Ready to let go of the unconscious and open up to your true essence?

“Learning is experience. Everything else is simply information.” – Albert Einstein

Course content

Course schedule


A total of 5 weekend modules teach the underlying theory.

Mentoring Sessions

During the location-independent online trainings, we maintain contact and deepen the acquired knowledge.

Week of intensive training

An essential part of the training is the immersion week (intensive week), in which we focus on the wisdom and teachings of the 5 elements.

Awaken your true potential

In this training you will receive everything you need to teach Kundalini Yoga professionally: 200h training in theory and practice with certificate. However, the training is also intended for people who use the intensive cycle for their own development and as a consciousness training, without the goal of teaching afterwards.

The approach of the training is strongly based on the level of self-awareness. Only what I recognize in myself and am willing to accept or transform, I can also pass on authentically. A basic attitude of every teacher.

Let yourself in for a training year full of experiences and discoveries that will bring you closer to yourself and lead you more and more into your authenticity and freedom.

In this training you will deepen the technology of Kundalini Yoga theoretically and practically. Other modules include introduction and in-depth study of meditation teachings, energetic healing work, shadow work, background knowledge of universal laws, and insights and excerpts from yogic teachings. The various course contents and methods are systematically and purposefully selected and in their interaction result in an effective field of consciousness and transformation.

Course structure

Training weekends

A total of 5 weekend modules or in 2024 in January 5 and in October 4 intensive days convey the underlying theory
of Kundalini Yoga and the practical application.

Mentoring Sessions

Between the training weekends, we deepen the yoga practice, acquired knowledge and self-reflection in scheduled and regular online training mentoring sessions.

Week of intensive training

An essential part of the training is the Immersionweek (intensive week), in which we come together with all Kundalini Awakening training groups from all over Europe. In the midst of the overarching group consciousness, nature and in connection with the 5 elements, you will receive the appropriate framework for deep transformation and a special training degree.

Certification process

Module dates

Module I: 03.11. - 05.11.2023

Orientation and Initiation: Where you stand? Intention, vision, mission. Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and your own practice. Epochs & Cycles.

Module II: 02.01. - 06.01.2024

Introduction to numberology and sacred geometry, teaching of chakras, energy bodies and ladder of subtlety.

Module III: 23.02. - 25.02.2024

Mind and Meditation, Meditation and Pranyama, Mantras and Sound, Universal Laws, Karma and Dharma.

Module IV: 10.05. - 12.05.2024

Health and healing, mode of action and therapy, anatomy and physiology, body and energy systems.

Module V: 13.07. - 21.07.2024

Immersion week (intensive week): Nature as your teacher and place of power – the 5 elements.

Module VI: 24.10. - 27.10.2024

Transformation and Teaching – Kundalini Yoga Practice: Kriya and Asanas, Being a Teacher. Final weekend.

General conditions & costs

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